The Difference Between Organic and Regular Produce

The Difference Between Organic and Regular Produce


Organic veggies are hot on the market because they add more nutritional value than regular veggies because they are not processed and chemically treated like regular veggies are. Here are some more differences you can use to tell the difference between organic veggies and regular produce.


Shape is Everything


While shopping for organic veggies, look at the produce closely. You should notice that your organic veggies are deformed, imperfect looking while regular produce is nearly perfect. The organic options are also in a variety of sizes while more other produce comes in all one size. The regular produce is treated with chemicals that make the produce look perfect so that more people are interested in purchasing those veggies because they go by the look of them instead of what is better for them.


Look to Quality


Quality is defined by the different values of the organic veggies and regular produce by meeting the specific guidelines of standards set forth by the FDA to govern what is considered to be organic and what is not. The organic veggies are required to meet or exceed the standards for the basic USDA standards governing organic and non organic veggies.


Primary Difference between the two


If you want to look at the difference primarily between the two, consider the factor of the soil in the organic veggies versus regular produce. Regular produce is grown in soil that has been chemically treated and that has additives in it to make the produce grow at a quicker rate and to make the produce larger than organic veggies. Also, the organic veggies are not treated with harsh chemicals while growing unlike regular produce.


The clear difference is what makes it easier to tell the differences between organic veggies and regular produce by simply looking to the shapes of the two. If you were to compare them side by side, you would know right away but you should not decide which to purchase simply because one looks better than the other. The only thing that you should take into consideration when shopping for the organic veggies and regular produce is the nutritional value that each vegetable holds. And if they are hazardous to your health by the ingredients and chemicals used in the growing process of the care of the vegetables. Once you decide which factor is more important, it will be easier for you to decide which one is better for you.