Best Vegetables for Juicing

You can juice with any vegetables but there are some vegetables that are best for juicing. You want to choose veggies for juicing that offer a high yield of juice and that pack the nutrition you need to benefit from juicing.

The chart below lists 8 of the best vegetables for juicing and why!


Carrots High juice yield, great natural sweetener and fully of good for you vitamins
Tomatoes Tomatoes contain lycopene a cancer fighter and they offer a high juice yield
Sweet Potatoes (yes you can juice them) Great source of vitamin c, manganese, fiber, B6 and iron
Broccoli Great source of antioxidants
Celery include the tops Great diuretic properties and high potassium
Cabbage Aids in digestive health, estrogen balance offers a high juice yield
Kale Kale is a super food and gives your juice a great base
Peppers Peppers are rich in Vitamin C and help to lower blood pressure by clearing out the arteries


Honorable Mentions


The eight veggies above are the best vegetables for juicing but they are not the only veggies you can benefit from. There is a lengthy list of vegetables that you can get quite a bit of benefit out of.


Try some of these out as well:


  • Beets
  • Fennel
  • Radishes
  • Cucumber
  • Wheat grass


All of the above could easily be considered best as well. Although most of the above is an acquired taste (except the cucumber of course). Also you may want to add some herbs to your juicing. Herbs like:


  • Parsley
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Cilantro


All have healing properties that can boost your juice in the morning and help you to reach your wellness goals. Juicing is an experimental process where you can add or delete ingredients as you see fit.



Juicing is simple enough below you will find basic recipes that you can jazz up as you see fit.

3 cups chopped tomatoes
1 stalk celery
1 cucumber
3 drops stevia (optional)
1/2 teaspoon himalaya sea salt
cayenne pepper

Put all the ingredients into the juicer and enjoy! You can omit the pepper and cayenne pepper if you do not like a hot spicy combination.

 Add a little fruit to your juicing with this recipe:

1 bunch spinach
2 apples
1/2 lemon, peeled (optional)

Put all the ingredients in your juicer and enjoy! This is a refreshing green drink. You can substitute cucumbers or Kale for the spinach.

Have you ever considered growing your own veggies? We recommend doing this. Not only are seeds relatively inexpensive, but you will enjoy the fruit of your own labor...literally.

It is a great hobby and most local landscaping companies can help you designate and clear an areato make it appropriate for planting. You can learn more at this gardening site.